Successful Cannabis Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021

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The best way to shake off the Covid blues could be found in starting your own business— and cannabis business can help.

The cannabis business sector is booming this year, thanks largely to the massive increase in sales and engagement seen in 2020. Joining in on the new cannabis minded industry doesn’t only stand to see you increase your bank role, but also comes with a number of fringe benefits; like those seen in the massive decreases in black market sales, which helps to reduce violence, poverty, and the blow to public funds caused by affiliated incarcerations. Making it a business sector that not only stands to take, but also give back.

While the sector expects to see burgeoning interest— both from consumers and producers alike— many people have begun to consider cannabis business as an opportunity to create their own rules and lifestyles while still generating income. Which has led serious cannabis business entrepreneurs to turn towards necessary marketing and consulting systems like marijuana SEO services. Unik SEO, one such company that focuses on helping cannabusiness entrepreneurs thrive says that the right SEO strategies can help businesses to “gain visibility organic traffic, and drive new customer acquisition.” Something that will be incredibly necessary for these new businesses in years to come.

Why Even Start a Cannabusiness?

If you’re still feeling a bit amotivated or overwhelmed— which is entirely understandable, as our world continues to crumble at its foundations— don’t fret, market projections for the cannabis industry at large are incredibly positive for the next few years. In fact, the cannabis industry was one of the few that actually grew in 2020, which could signal both the reason industry projections are rose tinted, and mean that there is still some serious wiggle room in the market. But now is definitely the time, particularly as new studies have shown that a shockingly high percentage of Americans (around 35%) are looking to invest their coronavirus stimulus checks, and what better way to support your economy than to create a thriving business that you can run from home?

Which is one of the main things that makes cannabusiness such an enticing and equitable burgeoning marketplace. Because all that time you’ve spent in lockdown— learning how to sew, make soap, and perfecting your sourdough skill— could realistically translate into a profitable business venture, especially if you add a little Mary Jane and internet wizardry to the mix.

Successful Cannabis Business Startup Trends

Hemp Products Outlet

Hemp products, made from the non-smokable, non-psychoactive parts of the well known plant are making waves, particularly in eco-friendly markets. The raw material is easy to source and can be gained sustainably, used to create a number of consumer goods like textiles or paper products. Moreover, hemp is also considered a “superfood”, offering tons of essential amino acids of the omega variety, which can help keep people healthy while also cutting down on the reliance of the commercial fishing industry. Which could serve to help not just the planet, but all the people on it.

420 Skincare and Beauty

The beauty industry has long been considered to be recession-proof, and it’s a concept that has been proven time and time again— particularly in 2020. As many legacy industries took a fatal nose dive, health and beauty industries still maintained their foothold in the global economy. Skincare and beauty products using cannabis products (notably: cannabinol or CBD) have been becoming increasingly popular of late. Not just for their excellent origins, but also because CBD products have been found to be packed with wellness minded essentials, like vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties that our skin and bodies love.


Weed laced food is the trend that keeps on giving. From clever edibles, to full-on five course meals, cannabis infused foods have become all the rage of the lockdown generation. Seeing a 49% growth in Canada in 2020. Why are we suddenly seeming to fall in love with heady meal plans? Well, it not only has helped many get through these tough times, but because of favorable legislation and the growing push for recreational legalization throughout the free world— canna-food is an indulgence that can be enjoyed with few, if any, detrimental long term health effects. Which gives us all something to chew on.

Freelance App Development

So maybe you haven’t been baking bread or raiding Pinterest to find the latest how-to guide on making at home body scrubs, maybe you’ve put your extra time into becoming a bit more tech savvy. Good news for all the keyboard warriors out there— cannabis business has a place for you too. Freelance app development is a niche market within the marijuana SEO and business sector that needs some serious people power. Apps have become the central pivot point around which internet business is conducted. A driving force behind what keeps online merchants ticking their way to the top of the ladder, whether it’s through facilitation of enjoyable customer experiences, or helping to boost marketing practices by offering promotional programs.

What Now and How?

Outside of these enterprises being accessible to nearly all people who have access to the funds needed for a startup, they can also be incredibly gratifying. Not only allowing income from something you enjoy creating from the ground up, but also allowing you to stay at home and work your own hours. Which is, if nothing else, at least one nice thing to come from the extensive lockdown measures that have been enacted throughout the globe. People are finding that while socialization is a genuine necessity, they’re also becoming more cognizant of what their time is worth, and more protective of it.

Choosing to take the leap and begin to capitalize on your own cannabis enterprise can definitely feel like a blind leap of faith, but there are a number of resources that are available to those dedicated to the idea. Using SEO services to help promote your new web business is among the most important, particularly when it comes to branding and website interfaces. Helping you to better promote not only your hard-won products or services, but also helping you to connect to a wide and growing world of at-home entrepreneurs.