NFL Drafting

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Every spring, all 32 NFL teams gather for the annual player selection meeting known as the ‘NFL draft’. To break it down for you, the NFL picks are designed to level the playing field and give the weakest teams the best chance at selecting the top college prospects entering the league. The best college players in the country are picked by NFL teams, but first they’re invited to show off their skills and strengths in a series of physical and mental tests at the NFL Combine. They do so in order to impress key personnel of the NFL teams and hope they might be picked by one of the teams at the three day NFL Draft.

During the draft each of the 32 teams receives at least one draft pick in each of the seven rounds. The order of draft selection is determined by the reverse order of finish from the previous season. In order to keep the NFL as competitive as possible, the team with the worst record picks first in each round. Teams are positioned in reverse order of their records from the previous season. So, in other words, the team with the worst record gets the first pick. The Super Bowl champion always gets the 32nd pick no matter what their regular season record was.

The draft currently lasts seven rounds and is televised over three days. In the first round, each team gets 10 minutes to select their pick. Then, seven minutes in the second round, 5 minutes in rounds three through six and four minutes in the seventh round. Part of the suspense of the draft is teams trying to ‘move up’ to get a better player or ‘move down’ to acquire more picks.

Most teams follow a points system to determine whether trading draft spots is worth it. Each spot in the seven rounds is given a value. For example, the Cleveland Browns have the number one pick in 2017. It has a value of 3000 points. The teams can trade with each other for future picks for players in order to improve their draft position. For a team to try and trade up for that spot, the Browns would expect a combination of picks that comes near 3000 points. In this scenario, the benefit for the team trading with the Browns, gets to select the player it highly covets. And the benefit for the Browns? They acquire several draft picks to fill the many holes the team has. And after only winning one game last season, the Browns need all the help they can get.

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