How to Put On a Fantastic Fireworks Show

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Putting on a fireworks show should be lots of fun for the whole family. Whether it’s for Independence Day or just for fun, a cool fireworks display can provide pleasant memories for years to come. Picture this scene, if you will: spectacular lights displays, cool designs, amazing patterns, and bright lights that illuminate the night sky. These are all part of the larger sensory experience shaped by an amazing fireworks show. When you want to put together a killer show, there are a few things to consider as you plan the display. Here are a few things to do before setting up your show to ensure it’s a fantastic, memorable event that everyone will enjoy.

Choose a Clear, Open Area

Avoid heavily wooded areas, residential areas, and any place that may have a lot of plants around. Because fireworks are highly flammable, you want to avoid setting them off near dry grass, weeds, debris, sticks, or basically anything else that might catch fire if a stray firework goes near it. An open area also has the added benefit of not having a lot of streetlights or extraneous city lights that might otherwise interfere with the visuals of the fireworks you’re setting off. It wouldn’t be much of a show if you’re awesome aerial fireworks become obscured by other lights sources. It’s also a bit safer for younger members of your party. They’re less likely to be near the fireworks as they’re going off and you can have a comfortable, safe vantage point set aside for them as needed.

Use Only Fireworks That Are Legal in Your State

The tricky thing about fireworks is that certain types of them are not legal in all 50 states. Some states might only allow them to be used at particular times of the year. It really varies by location. Colorado, for instance, outlaws the use of roman candles, M80s, and bottle rockets. California is much stricter, banning most aerials (any fireworks that leave the ground), wooden stick sparklers, roman candles, bottle rockets, and firecrackers. Another state, Arizona, also outlaws many aerials but allows other kinds. Ultimately, the best bet is to check applicable laws in your state and plan appropriately. Above all, be safe and have fun!

Plan the Details in Advance

The key to putting on the most spectacular and phenomenal show comes down to a single word: planning. Why is planning so important? Well, it is to make sure that you know exactly how you are going to run your show, what order you are going to watch fireworks, and to determine the best way to amaze your audience. First, scout out location. Once you find out the location, implement any safety protocols you need to follow. Line up your fireworks in the way you want to present them. If you’re using aerials, you may want to launch them from a platform to prevent any sparks from reaching the ground. Some areas require a license for certain precautions to set up ahead of time, so be sure you know what your local area requires so you are not in violation of anything. Have a safety manager around to help out with the show. You can automate some of the show if you use some software or maybe get a bit creative with a microcontroller like a Raspberry Pi.

Buy In Bulk Online

When it comes time to actually make a fireworks purchase, there are many options. Usually, around the summertime, you may find various fireworks tents in parking lots. Some cities have fireworks shops. But, the best way to get the fireworks you want for your next party/celebration of our day is to think about purchasing fireworks online. Among the many benefits of buying fireworks this way is that you can take advantage of bulk discounts, get shipping to most of the United States, and some companies even have a loyalty program to reward you for frequent purchases. Better yet, with product pages having a video available on how the various effects will work gives you an idea of how a particular firework will look when you launch it. Most websites also contain safety information and handle instructions so that you can be safe while you’re enjoying your awesome new fireworks.

Practice Fireworks Safety

Fireworks can be extremely fun and create wonderful memories. But they can also be unsafe if not handled appropriately. So, the best thing to do when you’re setting them up and using them is to follow established fireworks safety protocols. These include:

  • Don’t let children play with fireworks
  • Never point fireworks toward another person or a building
  • Keep a bucket of water handy just in case
  • Douse spent fireworks in water to prevent them from reigniting
  • If a firework doesn’t ignite, douse it in water and discard it – it’s no good
  • Only light one at a time
  • Never use illegal fireworks

Using some common sense and being safe will make your show, barbecue, backyard party, or Independence Day celebration a fantastic—and safe—experience for all.