What to Know About Ethanol Cannabis Extraction

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The cannabis plant is one of the most important herbs in the world. When used properly it can promote the well-being of the consumer to a great level.

It also makes a great source of income when grown on a large scale and sold for medical and research purposes. Currently, the rules and regulations governing its distribution and consumption are being reviewed in various parts of the world.

In some states, it has already been allowed for use by the general public. One of the highly beneficial products that can be obtained from it is CBD. There are different methods used for ethanol cannabis extraction. Let’s learn more.

What Is CBD?

It is a product extracted from cannabis and so it contains the substances that are found in the plant. This includes cannabinoids, THC, and terpenes among others. It can be further processed after extraction to produce various goods such as oils, edibles, vapes, and cosmetics.

This shows how wide the range of CBD use is. Cannabinoids have several medicinal capabilities that can be exploited to treat a variety of diseases. They also strengthen the immune system hence making the consumer resistant to certain illnesses. The combination of cannabinoids and THC is great for the treatment of psychotic disorders and generally promotes good mental health.

When choosing an appropriate production technique, the needs of both the producer and consumer must be taken into consideration. For example, the manufacturer might be looking for a procedure that is cost-effective for large-scale production while the target audience only cares about full-spectrum products. So the method chosen should be able to cater to both.

What Is Ethanol Cannabis Extraction?

This refers to the use of ethanol as a solvent to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. It is also referred to as alcohol process since similar types of alcohol can also be used. The process is simple and generally doesn’t require sophisticated equipment.

The part of the plant is placed to soak in ethanol for some time then removed and the solution gets refined as need be. The plant can either be placed directly in the solvent or put inside a suitable bag first.

The latter method makes work easier by eliminating the need for filtration of the solution afterwards but it might inhibit the acquisition of some compounds. The ethanol extraction technique is further divided into different types as dictated by the temperature of the solvent.

Here are the main ones. You can also see this link for more information on ethanol extraction methods.

  • Cold Extraction

As the name indicates, the temperature of the solvent used is much lower than 0 degrees. The main reason for opting for this is because substances like pigments and lipids won’t get extracted.

Thus it is a good choice for applications where such compounds are not desired. This makes work easier by eliminating the need for winterization which is a step that would have otherwise been necessary to remove the compounds.

The disadvantage, however, is that the temperature has to be kept at low levels for the whole production period which is a long time and can be costly.

  • Warm Extraction

This requires hot or warm solvent and specialized equipment for extraction. Afterwards, the winterization process is required to help remove some of the unwanted compounds in the solution.

The fact that a special apparatus and winterization are required might seem uneconomical. However, this is compensated for in the fact that the process is fast due to the high temperature.

In addition, it is a great option where all the compounds of the plant are desired. For example, full-spectrum CBD goods can make great use of it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Ethanol as a Solvent?

One of the major benefits of this technique is that the alcohol used can act as a preservative in the final product hence extending its shelf life. Although most of the ethanol gets removed while the extract undergoes various processes, some amount will be retained.

Another benefit is that it makes absorption into the bloodstream to be much faster than when other substances are used as solvents. Such types of CBD products are great during emergencies because the response time is fast.

Also, the concentration level is high and so only a small amount of the CBD will be used. This is economical. Click here to learn more.


Extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant can be done in different ways. The use of ethanol as a solvent in the process is preferred in some cases because of its unique capabilities. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and is also effective for mass production. Where the full benefits of the plant are required warm extraction is used to ensure that all the compounds are obtained. This also allows for fast production. As opposed to the use of other chemicals that might be toxic in the long run, this produces clean products.