Simple Tips for Staying Safe Around Fireworks

There’s no denying that fireworks can be a lot of fun. After all, it’s no coincidence that fireworks are such a common staple of various celebrations and gatherings. Unfortunately, many of us tend to forget how careful we need to be when handling fireworks until a serious mishap occurs. A small error in judgment is all it takes for a firework-related injury – or worse – to come about, so if firework safety isn’t currently a priority for you, there’s no time like the present to correct your thinking.

Be Mindful of the Types of Fireworks You Purchase

When shopping for rocket fireworks – or any other commonplace fireworks – there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider. To start with, it helps to do some research into any company whose fireworks you’re thinking about purchasing and confirming that they fully stand by their products. Secondly, take care to confirm that the fireworks you wish to purchase are not intended for professional displays. Given their immense firepower, such fireworks should never be handled by non-professionals, and in many cases, they can be identified by their brown paper packaging.  

Never Light Fireworks Indoors

Regardless of how small-scale a firework is, you must never light one indoors. In addition to causing burns and other injuries, such behavior can lead to massive fires and property damage. So, no matter how confident you or a guest is in your firework-handling abilities, lighting fireworks indoors should always be off the table. Even sparklers, which a staggering number of people have erroneously pegged as harmless, can cause a significant amount of damage both indoors and outside. 

By extension, when setting off fireworks, make sure to do so in areas where they don’t come into contact with people, animals or property. Additionally, take care to always light them away from flammable materials.  

Never Regard Fireworks as Toys

Although fireworks are commonly associated with fun, they should never be regarded as toys. Given how dangerous fireworks can be in careless hands, it is incumbent on you to recognize that they are not playthings. Pointing or throwing fireworks at people, animals or property is behavior that must never be engaged in. In addition to being outright reckless and inconsiderate, such actions can result in massive destruction, severe injuries and other undesirable outcomes. Furthermore, should you ever witness friends, family members or other guests treating fireworks like toys, put a stop to it posthaste.  

Be Prepared for Fires

Ideally, none of your firework displays will result in fires. However, since fire is always a possibility whenever fireworks are involved, it’s in your best interest to be prepared. With this in mind, make sure to keep a large bucket of water, powerful hose or fire extinguisher handy whenever you intend to shoot off fireworks. The more tools you have on hand, the better-equipped you’ll be to promptly extinguish any fires that pop up.  

Properly Extinguish Used Fireworks

You should never approach or attempt to dispose of a used firework without properly extinguishing it. This entails thoroughly dousing it with water, preferably with the aid of a strong hose. Even if a firework appears to be spent, there’s no guarantee that it’s fully ignited, and attempting to approach it without extinguishing it can result in serious burns or a direct collision. Additionally, throwing away used fireworks that haven’t been extinguished is liable to result in trash fires and considerable property damage.

Never Re-light Fireworks

Attempting to re-light a firework is never a good idea. Even if the firework in question appears to be a complete dud, its ignition may simply be delayed – and by attempting to re-light it, you’re placing yourself directly in harm’s way. So, even if you’re supremely disappointed by a firework not going off as planned, just douse it with water and get on with your life.

A colorful fireworks display can be the perfect endcap to any Independence Day celebration or summertime gathering. Unfortunately, a lack of caution on your part can turn a day of fun into an unmitigated disaster. Allowing your judgment to waver just a little bit is liable to prove extremely consequential whenever fireworks are involved. As such, it’s in your best interest to practice proper firework safety at every available opportunity. Fortunately, with the help of the tips outlined above, this should prove far from difficult.