Research Shows Caffeine is Not Bad for Children

Caffeine Isn’t Bad for Newborns

A new study suggests modest caffeine usage while pregnant does not hurt a baby’s future intelligence or behavioral health. The research was performed by Nationwide Children’s Hospital and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and concluded that there was no evidence linking moderate caffeine usage (2 cups per day) with behavior issues or obesity in kids.

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The Study Started in 1959

Researchers studied blood samples of over 2,000 expectant mothers between the years of 1959 and also 1974, a period when caffeine intake was more widespread due to the lack of care relating to the substance, to complete the research.

There Were No Adverse Effects Related to Caffeine, But Mothers Should Always Be Careful

The results showed that women that ingest moderate quantities of caffeine during pregnancy had no problems in their pregnancy, nor did it have any negative effects on the children related to behavior or obesity.

In any case, pregnant mothers need to be careful with the things they eat and drink during pregnancy, as everyone has different sensitivities and could be affected by a number of things. Women who are expecting should monitor their diets carefully with their doctors to ensure there won’t be any health issues for the mother or the child.