Illuminate The World To You With Lightbox

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It is your perspective that the world is interested. Whatever adventure you have going on in your life, it’s what we want to see. You are trending, you set trends, you are a trend. Now, I’m serious, but don’t balloon your ego out of proportion just based on what I am saying.

In our world of social media, internet, and just all-around connectivity, we all contribute to each other’s experiences. There is plenty of boring stuff and general smut out there, and shame on you if you’ve done so (but don’t be too hard on yourself, you may consider this post to be boring or smut). It is our duty to document the interesting things in our life. So how do we do that? Well, we all know how to do it. We take pictures and videos and write about things. How can we make documenting our experiences easier? That’s the real 21st century question.

Drumroll, please. Introducing the Lightbox (ox-ox-ox-ox), a new Kickstarter. The CA7CH Lightbox is a simple but handy little device, and I mean little. It measures 1.5 inches for both length and width. What it does, is take pictures and video; nothing new there. It synchs with your phone as it does so; again, that isn’t all that new and, in fact, my phone already can take pictures and video without the Lightbox so what is it really doing. Well, it’s taking this action that you probably do everyday and it’s making it hands-free. We’ve already seen this with the GoPro cameras, this is just the next step.

You link it with your phone, using it to control the Lightbox. You can set it to regularly take photos or video. Think of situations where that would be helpful. You could be at a concert dancing your freaking face off, or scaling a rock cliff. In both situations, much of your material will be crap because you had the camera pointed in the wrong direction, but its always capturing material, so that perfect moment is in there.

What the CA7CH Lightbox does like no other product, is taking that one extra step closer to sharing what you see with the rest of the world.