Wheelchair Wonders

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If you’re in a wheelchair, chances are you’ve been dealt a shitty hand of cards. However, the beauty of technology and human will power means that we are always trying to push limits and remove limits. There is no good reason why someone in a wheelchair can’t go on a hike with his or her friends or any other outdoor activity. It has been a trend in the past to appease to those who are handicapped with parking spaces and ramps. Now, the trend is to give those who are handicapped the tools to break their limitations so that they don’t need any kind of special treatment. The limit is only in the technology. Well, welcome to the modern age. Here are two modern wheelchairs that shatter the limitations we once held true.

Whill is all about the everyday. There’s a certain sleek modern look about it that makes it seem more like a super hero gadget than a wheelchair. It has four-wheel drive for a stroll in the park. It has a newly designed front wheel to allow pinpoint turning. It has an intuitive steering system. I can see it functioning best in a city landscape.

Tankchair looks nothing like a traditional wheelchair either, but for a completely different reason. This thing could charge a wooly mammoth. It is a beast. The creator proudly notes that one could shoot a bullet at it and it would still keep on trucking. Put some missiles on this baby and you’ll look like Axel from Twisted Metal. Go fishing, go hunting, go have an adventure anywhere. It is quite literally a tank. They are built by inventor Brad Soden, who spent two years on the original design to help his paralyzed wife do all of the things she loved to do.

I believe that these two inventions have demonstrated just how little limitations mean to us as a human race. We’ve seen wheelchairs reinvent themselves before like the ones used in the sport murderball. The difference with that is murderball was about the person persevering over their disability, over their wheelchair, in order to prove their strength and humanity (not to mention have fun, I would love to try the sport out someday), and these inventions are about an everyday person working with their wheelchair to persevere.