Recon 6: The Life Saving Watch

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The watch is an underrated accessory. Whether you’re trying to look fresh for a big date or just casually browsing through a grocery store. A watch ties your outfit together; a naked wrist is nearly as unattractive as a man wearing a shirt without pants. Today, the watch has entered a new realm of importance; it can save your life. Introducing the newest trend, the Recon 6 survival watch.

The Recon 6 watch is ideal for any adventure. It’s equipped with a compass, signal, can opener, fire starter, whistle, and a cutting tool. Let’s say your leisurely day hike takes a turn for the worst and you’re required to spend the night on the mountaintop. Not a problem, if you’re wearing the Recon 6 watch, simply pop it open, signal for help, start a fire and blow that whistle.

Who was the genius that created the Recon 6? Survival expert Tim Ralston. Ralston got the idea while watching the new hit show Naked and Afraid. This reality TV show features two people stranded in remote, exotic locations without clothes. Each contestant is allowed to bring one item as they embark on a 21-day quest of survival. I’ve watched the show and I have often found that contestants would bring items that are useless without their dependent counterpart. For example, what good is a pot to boil water in if you are unable to make a fire? The Recon 6 is equipped with multiple tools, all of which could be the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

Any outdoorsman could tell you that it’s important to prepare for the worst. You never know when disaster could strike. Injuries, bad weather, and poor navigation, any of these setbacks could happen at anytime. The Recon 6 delivers the necessary tools for survival, all at the convenience of being attached to your wrist. The next time someone asks you what time it is, you tell them, “It’s time for you to buy the Recon 6, now leave me alone while I light this fire and navigate through the deepest of jungles you p****.”

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