Go Live With Go Kin

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Ever since the pioneers, its been a trend in America to adventure off the grid. Nowadays, we still desire that freedom, but with the comfort and benefit of some of our modern tools, such as cell phones and GPS. Just because you seek solitude in nature, doesn’t mean you can’t be safe. The problem is that there are few consistently reliable ways of generating energy to charge our devices. The funny thing is, you’ve had a reliable source of power all along, all you had to do was look in a mirror.

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You are a power source in yourself. You expel energy in everything you do. How great would it be if you could take something as simple as walking, which is you expelling energy, and transfer that energy so you are actually generating energy? The answer is super great, but you already knew that because you’re super smart. You know what’s also super smart, this device, the Go Kin. It’s a back pack with a little twist. Cables unwind from the bottom to attach to your footwear, so that as you walk, the cables wind and unwind, generating electricity. The pack comes with two usb ports for you to charge different devices, and most importantly, batteries. Yes, batteries. There’s a million and one devices you can use that run on batteries, and using rechargeable batteries with a Go Kin pack, you never have to worry about running out, or dealing with the extra weight and space from having ton of spare batteries.

This device could literally save lives. You could be the most weathered of explorers, and there still may come a time when you find yourself alone and in trouble. This is why we have our tools, but some of those tools need energy to work. Perhaps you’re stranded in a cave and you need your flashlight. Perhaps you’re lost in the jungle and you need your GPS. Perhaps you’ve injured yourself and need to call in medical assistance. Perhaps you’re in a small village and you really need to watch the latest cute cat video. The List is endless. Whether it’s for convenience or survival, The Go Kin pack has got your back.