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David has much to worry about, a large variety of complications between taxes, work, and drama with his girl. It seems that he has 99 problems, all of which are crashing down on him at once. His issues feel like a weight of 400 metric tons pressing against his shoulders making him feel like a powerless, small man. He constantly worries and feels like he is on rock bottom, as if things could not get any worse. Perhaps today’s adventure to the beach will clear his mind. He’ll dip his toes in the sand, crack a cold Modelo and just relax. Unfortunately for David, things will not be getting any better today. A great white shark has just compromised the once friendly beach of NYC.

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New York City fisherman Steve Fernandez made a rather unique discovery today when he reeled in a baby great white pup off the coast of the Rockaway beach in Queens. It was only about 3 feet long and could hardly intimidate a small seal. The real trouble lurked just behind the boat, a 10-foot great white beast. The sharks are apparently known to hang around these waters; however, it is unusual to spot one this close to land.

Fernandez was located just a mile off the coast, “I’ve seen them off shore, never really this close,” he told DNAinfo. “There’s no magical fence that keeps them off the beach. They swim wherever they want to go.” Fernandez tagged the shark and released it back into the murky waters as recommended by the NOAA’s catch and release regulations. Sharks are powerful creatures yet they are relatively shy. They often avoid people and try and stay out of the tabloids, researchers do not know much about sharks. The tag records the sharks trends, information on where the shark was caught, its condition, and other observations so that researchers can track it.

Great white sharks grow on average up to 15 feet long but often exceed 20. To put that into perspective, if Lebron James were to stand on Dwight Howard’s head, the shark would throw down a dunk on them, easily. As for David, lets chalk this discovery up on his list of worries. Don’t venture out too far my friend, or you may become a nice tasty meal.