Riding With Dolphins

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Swimming with dolphins is an old trend, wakeboarding with them is the new trend. Now that’s a real adventure. Imagine it: You’re strapped in. The motor revs up. You start churning water to the side, and then you’re up and going.

You are cruising on your wakeboard. You’re going for a nice, simple stroll on gentle water, when suddenly, what’s that? There’s water ripping to white all around you. What evil deep sea monstrosity has come to suck you down to the icy pits below the ocean floor? Is it shark, giant squid, sea lion, or mermaid perhaps? No, it is the ever lovable, adorable dolphin, not a monster at all.

These highly intelligent creatures are known for there playfulness, but you never expected this. However, it has been known to happen. Pods of dolphins have been known to swim in line with boats. Perhaps this out of curiosity, or playfulness. Perhaps it is for the same reason that birds love to burst across the road right as a car is coming. I believe that’s it, like birds, dolphins have accepted that they’ll never be as cool as us humans, turning them suicidal to the point where there only goal is for us to spare them the embarrassment of living in our shadow and kill them. Or perhaps that isn’t it at all; who knows?

I find it hard to imagine a cooler way to spend the day then to wakeboard with dolphins. Mark my words, Pixar or Dreamworks will make a 3D animation child’s film about this very thing. It’ll be like a cross between Free Willy, Finding Nemo, and a Red Bull live event. In other words, it’ll be awesome. And why wouldn’t it be. Swimming with dolphins is cool, but you’re in that closed off space and there’s a trainer guiding the dolphins, making the dolphin’s affection feel inauthentic. When you’re wakeboarding and a pod comes up to you, it’s because you earned it. It’s because you’re so cool those dolphins just had to swim with you. Just don’t wipe out because if you do, the dolphins won’t think you’re cool anymore and they’ll swim on by; unless you’re the Fonz, they’ll always stop for Fonzie.