X-Fighters Fight

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Welcome to Spain!

The iconic red bull. Steam billowing out of its gaping nasal passages. Lowered eye lids nursing gleaming blood red eyeballs. It digs at the dirt, and then it charges. Madrid, Spain knows this image all too well as it is famous for its bull fights. However, tonight in the arena, there is Red Bull, but there are no red bulls. What I mean is that it’s the Red Bull X-Fighters. It is a motocross event of epic proportions.

The event is invitation only, and is considered quite prestigious, and a highly demanding and difficult competition. Just because it is respectable,  doesn’t mean it isn’t rowdy. Fans go wild every year. And the competitors love it. The competition features a lot of flare, and with the stage they’re competing in, one wouldn’t expect any less.

A massive bulge of earth is erected in the center of the normally flat ring, as if the stadium sat upon a hellhole and Satan himself was trying to break on through. Surrounding the center are jumps that cross each other’s flight paths and ramps leading into the stadium so riders can pick up speed. One of the ramps features a big air jump at its end. The design will have riders tossing themselves to every corner of the ring as they try to hit every possible jump in a chaotic motorized fury of stunt brilliance.

The Red Bull X-Fighters is and adventure into hell. Riders have to bring their demons out and throw them on the dirt if they’re going to want to come out with the glory. Like I said, it’s invitation only, competitors being invited based on how they’ve ranked in past years as well as wildcards being picked by a committee. The riders there are the crème-de-la-crop, the best of the best. When you get talented famous daredevils together, it becomes all about the flare. Beware that flare. Not only do the riders pull out all the stops in the ring, they give the fans their due as well. In 2012, a rider went up the stairs of the stadium, revving his bike while fans spilled beer from excitement.

It is one insane event, and it’s happening tonight, June 27th.