The Pocket Reel

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David has led a boring life thus far. Monday through Friday he works his 9-5 office job inserting numbers into formulas and solving for X, my oh my did David hate X.

He slammed his fist on the table, “Why can’t X just solve its problems for itself?!” he shouted.

He recently decided to give up his one-week vacation in the summer stating, “I just don’t really want to go anywhere.” However, there is hope for David for he has decided to take up a new hobby, fishing. Fishing is important to David, it gives him time to think and reflect on his life and where he wants to take it. He begins to explore new fishing spots, deeper into the woods, through thicker trails. It’s difficult to carry a fishing rod through the forest, especially because David possesses such small arms and tiny feminine hands. His quest to pursue fishing has been derailed, until now, introducing the newest trend and the solution to David’s problems, the Pocket Reel.

The Pocket Reel

The Pocket Reel is an ultralight fishing kit that fits directly in your pocket. The design completely eliminates the need for a fishing pole and a tackle box. No longer will you need to lug around an armful of gear to get to your favorite location around the lake.

The Pocket Reel kit contains:

  • 45′ 12lb fishing line on the kit
  • 4x #8 fishing hooks
  • 4x 3/0 removable sinkers
  • 10x synthetic maggots
  • 1x 3/4″ bobber
  • 2x spinner lures
  • 1x 45′ spool of 12lb big game fishing line
  • Knot guide with directions
  • Bonus: 1x Crappie/Panfish jig

The kit is incredibly simple to use and has been tested by its creator, John Perlmutter. If you’re looking at the kit and feel as if there is no possible way one could catch a fish using the device, think again. John has caught multiple fish using the Pocket Reel including a hard fighting bass. Not only is the Pocket Reel convenient and easy to use on any adventure, you also look very similar to Spiderman whilst casting.

Jump back to David. His problems with fishing are now over, he can finally enjoy any fishing spot his legs can carry him to. However, in all other aspects of his life, he ha-

Sorry I just yawned while talking about the other aspects of David’s life.

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