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Have you ever been going for a walk, or cruising along, enjoying your music, when some freak-shot punk wheels up, revving a loud motorcycle? It interrupts your music, and that just won’t fly. You think to yourself about how you wish that you could be loud like that motorcycle. Loud music is the only true trend in music, and you want your music to hit some serious rpm. Well now you can. You see, the loud chugging of that motorcyles engine is called BRAAP. Now there’s a portable speaker that lets you BRAAP your music, The BRAAPER.

It’s designed with motocross in mind. Fueled by a passion for dirtbikes, every aspect of the BRAAPER from design to function was inspired by the thunderous power of engines. Technically, the BRAAPER is a Bluetooth enabled wireless tube speaker. It looks a little like a bike’s exhaust, only this baby isn’t chucking out fumes.

It’s built tough. It’ll take any kind of weather and will survive strong impact. Basically, it’s the ATV of speakers.

BRAAPER will fit right in with and adventure filled lifestyle. Say you’re going on a camping trip. You start out on canoe, then make camp, then go mountain bike some trails, then finish off with a casual hike up a mountain. All the while you’re backpacking your essentials around and recording the whole adventure on your GoPro camera. Instead of being a social inept stooge with headphones, you’re using BRAAPER to enjoy music with your fellow campers, and you’re using BRAAPER at ever stage of the game because it is built to attach to any of your GoPro mounts.

Or maybe you don’t go for dainty hikes in nature. You’re a big bad biker who eats mutton and slurps mead like a Viking champion. Well, as has been made obvious by now, the BRAAPER is all about the BRAAP. It even allows you to customize different engine sounds that function as signals for when you turn the speaker on, off, or when you maximize the volume. The Jawbox beeps and bloops to signal these moments, but you’re not a computer, you’re a machine, and you need to roar. You need to BRAAP.

You can support BRAAPER here.