Don’t Walk By Without Wakby

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David is a small man living in a big city. He is single and often wishes he possessed the confidence to mingle. Every day he passes some fine looking women, on the streets, the bus and on the subway. It seems that the number of attractive women grow exponentially, like bacteria. Unfortunately, David’s not a very aggressive guy; he knows what he wants yet he struggles to pursue it. He works well when he is in the heat of an interesting conversation. However, he has trouble initiating it, day-by-day opportunities are lost. At this rate, David will end up a lonely, sad, old man. However, today I bring great news for David and David’s alike. Introducing the newest trend, the Wakby app.

Wakby is an app that gives you the chance to chat the people up that you come across on your daily adventure. You can connect with the people around you in real time. All you have to do is remember the time you passed by whomever you wish to find. Scroll through the faces of fellow wakbyers and chat away. As long as the person you are showing interest in is within 500 meters they will appear on your app. People will now be able to chat up the pretty girl passing through campus or the handsome gent reading a novel in the park. Connections will be made and romances will form, and it is all thanks to the Wakby app.

Perhaps this is the boost David needs. He has downloaded the app and is now feeling stronger and more confident. He decides to leave his house more often than he used to in hopes of crossing paths with fellow wakbyers. This is a new man, a man who walks around with his head up. He’s receiving multiple matches and his love life is improving. Wakby has opened new doors for David; maybe he won’t grow to be so alone after all. If you’re like David or you just happened to miss the opportunity to talk to the person you have interest in, Wakby is the app for you.

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