Longboard Competition For All

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An event that takes it back old school. What else would be more appropriate for Throwback Thursday. If you find yourself on an adventure in the UK, than you’re in luck, because the “Not Just A Longboard Contest” is on the 6th, but really it starts tomorrow, the 5th. This is a contest unlike any other, because it remembers a world of longboarding where everybody has a good time—those who are skilled get to show their chops, and those who are just there to cruise get to just cruise.

I recently posted an article about women longboarders, but here the concept is that everybody who enjoys longboarding should get to compete in an event. It isn’t a race, there is no downhill battle. Instead, the focus is on freestyle and longboard dancing.

Longboard dancing was made popular by Adam Colton. The concept is simple, you do footwork moves on your longboard while it’s moving. Instead of using your longboard to get form Point A to Point B, or bombing some hill for a quick thrill, longboard dancing is all about suave sophistication and style. It’s like the difference between driving a Ferrari and an el Camino low rider—one’s faster and more sought today, but the other just has that certain kind of flash.

You can dance on any board, but special boards have been designed to optimize your boogey, and these boards are really big. When you’re laying out hot moves for the whole world to see, you’re going to need a big dance floor.

The “Not Just A Longboard Contest” is all about the boogey. Everybody has a good time when there’s dancing. It’s set to begin at 1 in the afternoon on the 5th. Contestants will cruise along the riverside to enjoy a picturesque scene of London. Then there will be a lunch for everyone to make friends at (perhaps there will be pie and punch, or perhaps it’s more of an ice cream social). The 6th is the day of the actual competition. But don’t worry, everyone is a winner at the “Not Just A Longboard Contest,” and everyone gets a prize.