More Flags, More Fun

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I hate the “stomach in your mouth” feeling when you descend from a ridiculous drop on a rollercoaster. Yet, it has become a trend for me to travel to Six Flags, Great Adventure year after year to stand in ridiculously long lines under the sweltering summer sun. It has almost become ritualistic – so much so that I can strategically plan out what rides to go on first and at what times in order to use my time most efficiently.

Amphawa Floating Market

I know it’s not just me either. Most of my friends go to Six Flags at least once every summer, whether they travel with their families or friends. Strangely enough, even though we’ve ridden each ride there at least 3 times each, every time we go, everything suddenly seems new. I still seize up with fear every time I plan to ride El Toro, one of the most popular rides at Six Flags, Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe after spending 10 months or so in school, I crave adrenaline or a taste of adventure.

If so, Six Flags definitely provides that – and at a little over $60 dollars per ticket, it’s definitely worth it to go over and over again. For over 50 years, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has entertained millions of people with its extreme rides, themed events and thrilling water parks. Currently, the corporation is the world’s largest regional theme park company, operating 16 parks in the United States, one in Montreal, Canada and another in Mexico City.

Every year, you can look forward to a host of events, such as the famous Fright Fest, a Halloween theme festival featuring scare zones and haunted mazes infested with zombies (don’t worry, it’s family friendly during the daytime hours). If you’re like me and love Christmas, there’s also Holiday in the Park. Expect to see lots of decorations, lights and heart-warming shows.

And oh, how could I forget Santa?

Ultimately, whether you choose to go during the hottest season of the year or the coldest, there’s some things you can always expect to happen at Six Flags – a lot of laughing, some eating and even more screaming, the three ingredients that make for an epic adventure.