Smooth Ride: The Reinvented Wheel

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No more shake and rattle. The latest trend in bicycles is here. Prepare for a smoother adventure as you travel on your new Loopwheels. I know they say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but Loopwheels is an innovative design in suspension that pushes the wheel to the next level.

It looks like three ellipses where your bike should have bushels of wiry spokes. What those ellipses/loops actually are is a type of spring. It’s made out of a unique carbon composite. The idea for the material was inspired by the way composite bows deal with tension. The result is increased suspension through something called tangential suspension to make for a smoother ride. That means that as you adventure into treacherous terrain like gravel, cobblestone, or potholes, the bike is going to handle it much better. Additionally, in your everyday travel, the better suspension reduces the buzz that causes your hands and body to ache and itch after riding is reduced significantly to practically nothing.

Like the ever luxurious Bentley, each wheel is assembled by hand to ensure quality. The Loopwheel is truly a product of passion by its creator, Sam Pearce.

Nobody likes a stiff, whether it’s the guy who can’t take a joke or it’s your bike. You want to hang loose. That’s how the Loopwheel does it, it hangs loose. I wouldn’t be surprised if it replaces the traditional spoke wheel entirely and everyone around the world starts using one. After a long bicycle adventure, you don’t want to have unnecessary aches and pains. You want your adventure to last as long as possible, travel as far as possible, and the Loopwheel is another tool to help you do that.

On top of everything, they look cool. Architecturally speaking, the oval is the strongest shape. Think about an egg, have you ever tried to crush one while applying equal pressure to its top and bottom? (Don’t actually do this because you’ll end up lacing pressure somewhere that isn’t exactly center, and the egg will crack in your hand.) There is a certain compliment of strength and grace in the Loopwheel’s design and function. It’s truly an new kind of wheel