Derek Jeter: Halfway Through The Farewell Tour

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This 22 year long adventure that I call life began on February 15, 1992. A lot has changed since 1992, the number of megacities has doubled, cell phones no longer resemble heavy bricks, and Pluto is no longer a planet. However, one thing has remained a constant trend over the last 22 years, and that is Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. Ever since I could remember, ”The Captain” has been in the batting lineup and at shortstop helping the New York Yankees win. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the adventure that is Derek Jeter’s career comes to an end this season.

King Solomon

Whether you love or despise the Yankees, people all around the world are watching the ‘Derek Jeter Farewell Tour’ wishing this adventure wouldn’t end. Why would they? He’s a man that gives so much and asks for so little in return. Think of baseball as we know it without the incredible, acrobatic highlights Derek Jeter has provided us in the past. He has amassed five Gold Gloves, five Silver Sluggers, 13 All-Star appearances, a Rookie of the Year award, 3316 hits (most in Yankees history and currently 10th all-time) and, most importantly, five World Series Rings. All of which are incredible achievements in a highly competitive sport. People play baseball for a number of reasons. It starts out for the love of the game, but that can often become lost once fame and money are introduced. Many men have succumbed to the pressure and used banned substances in order to gain an edge. Derek Jeter could have followed the path of past “legends” such as *Barry Bonds or *Mark McGwire. He took the high road, remaining honest and true to himself. This is my favorite aspect of Jeter’s career; there will be no asterisk next to all of his accomplishments.

He has earned the nickname, “The Captain” not only because of his skill, but his charismatic form of leadership. He works hard and serves as a role model to kids everywhere. When have we ever seen a negative headline about #2? I feel as if I grew up with him. I witnessed his ups and downs, injuries and World Series victories, but most importantly, the stellar highlights he provided for me on ESPN every morning before my adventure to school. Be sure to check out Derek Jeter’s 14th and final All-Star game, tomorrow at 8:00pm.