Softest Rapper Alive Hosts Extreme ESPY’s Event

Ah the ESPY’s event, a magnificent adventure to witness. It isn’t often that you find hundreds of the worlds greatest athletes coming together under one roof. Some say that the original ESPY’s event was canceled because they were unable to fit all of their enormous ego’s under one roof HA! I’m just joking, I’d have an incredibly large ego if I were the most athletic person to step foot in every room ever. Over the years we have been entertained, following our favorite athletes adventure after adventure. It’s only fitting that the ESPY’s takes place to honor the hard work and dedication that each athlete must partake in.

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We Are The Faction Collective #S01E02

First off, lets start with the host, Drake. Some were upset hearing that one of the softest rappers alive would be hosting such a prestigious event. However, in my opinion, he was perfect. Who better to host a sporting event than a man who supports every team the same? Hopping from one team to the next, rooting for whoever is on top. Next up, extreme MMA star Ronda Rousey earned the female athlete of the year award, becoming the first UFC athlete to win one of the events most prestigious honors. Unfortunately, she may just be scraping the surface of the sporting world, apparently world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather doesn’t, “know who HE is.”

NBA forward Kevin Durant deservingly won two ESPY Awards, including male athlete of the year. Durant is incredibly driven and hasn’t let multiple heartbreaking losses derail his pursuit of a NBA championship title. Olympic snowboarders Sage Kotsenberg and Jamie Anderson won best female and male Olympian for their performance in the 2014 Sochi games. Kotsenberg exploded onto the scene after winning the first gold medal of this years Olympics in the snowboard slopestyleJosh Sweeney; a retired Marine who lost both of his legs after an explosion in Afghanistan was in attendance. He won the Pat Tillman Award for Service for scoring the winning goal for the U.S. sled hockey team to win gold at the Paralympics in Sochi. The Pat Tillman Award for Service is a new award given in memory of NFL player Pat Tillman, who lost his life serving his country.

The ESPY’s is a wonderful adventure that I look forward to every year. I’m a sports fan; I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have sports to look forward to. They unite cities around the world, heat up rivalries, and briefly capture the attention of an entire nation. Where would we be in life without you athletes? I thank you all, Go Packers.