Passport Protector Does What It Says, Keeping Your Adventure Going

So there you are in the airport, ready to take some great adventure out of country, finally going to see the places from around the world you’ve always wanted to see, when TSA stops you. There is something wrong with your passport, no adventure for you. This exact situation happened to Patrick Dichter, and it almost ruined his travel adventure he was embarking on with friends. Lucky for us, we’ll never have to share his misfortune, because the experience inspired him to invent the Passport Protector.

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People lose and damage things all the time, and that’s why it’s a big trend in technology and design to help us with this weakness. When you travel, it is especially important that everything you brought, especially your passport, is doing what it needs to do. The Passport Protector serves two key purposes in making sure your travel easier. It helps keep your passport safe from damaging it as well as misplacing it. Having a passport with too much wear and being stopped by Customs isn’t a traveller’s only concern when it comes to their passport while in another country, the big one is losing it.

My mother likes to tell the story of how when she was a teenager she got the rare chance to go to Germany on a class trip. It was the first time she had ever gone on an adventure of that nature, and she didn’t know how much a traveller needs to watch their own back and keep their wits about them. She left her passport in the airplane seat pouch upon arriving in Germany, and she hadn’t realized she’d done so until it was time to go back home, her passport long gone and probably in some completely random country by then. After explaining herself to the airport, she was eventually allowed on the plane to go home with the rest of he class. A lot has changed since my mom was a little girl, and if she made the same mistake today, there is no way they would allow her on that plane. She would be held in a foreign country without any true guidance or way home for longer than any little girl should have to wait for such a thing.

The Passport Protector makes it easier for you to be mindful and keep your passport for a few reasons. It makes your passport bigger and more noticeable. The lanyard is nice touch for keeping it fastened to you at all times. Most importantly, you have a device whose specific purpose is holding your passport, and this psychologically causes you to think about it more often. The Passport Protector with its simple but functional design truly does just what its name promises to do.

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