The World’s First Solar Powered Bike Lock

All bikes come with an expiration date. At some point in their lifetime they will be crashed, stolen, or even worse; turn human and adventure off on its own. There are preventative measures to elongate the lifespan of your bicycle. Bike locks have improved over time, becoming more durable and theft resistant. However, they require keys that can be lost or combinations that can be forgotten. Finally, there is a solution to these issues, introducing the newest trend, the Skylock.

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Adventure after adventure all around the world the Skylock will travel with you. It is the world’s first solar-powered bike lock. It not only protects your bike by locking it up, it does it with the upmost convenience. Skylock is accessed by the push of a button on your smartphone; there are no keys or combinations to be dealt with. Not only is it easily accessible, Skylock gets to know and love its owner. If you’re not around and someone begins to tamper with your bike, Skylock will send you a notification. Once notified, your bikes safety is in your hands, I suggest you double back and slap that teenage punk in the face. (Thank you Skylock)

Skylock has many features, including the ability to share. You can add as many people as you would like to the program so they can gain access to your bike. Also, the battery will never die because it is solar powered. Perhaps one of the greatest features that Skylock has to offer is its ability to recognize if you crash. Say you’re off on an adventure and there is nobody around. Suddenly, you flip over the handlebars and crash onto the ground unable to move. Skylock not only asks if you’re okay (Thank you Skylock) but it also asks if you would like for it to call for help.

Skylock is instilling trust in the average bicycle commuter. No more planning your day around where you can and cannot leave your bike. Go grab a sandwich or a cup of coffee, your bike isn’t going anywhere without you. Who knows, if you’re a lonely person, you may even find yourself growing quite fond of Skylock.

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