Life Has a Soundtrack; Make Sure Your Music Player Gets It Right

If you’re anything like me, you suddenly feel like a superstar whenever you can jog in time with your music. Your left foot hits the ground in time with the bass. Your right foot right on target with the snare – almost like you’re in the production of a budget music video. Your jog, which ordinarily feels like a 5k adventure endurance marathon, suddenly becomes bearable – or even, dare I say it, fun?

There’s something about music that makes your daily routine feel like an adventure. Every adventure, however, needs the right soundtrack. Imagine how devastatingly long your morning spin class would feel if your iPod refused to play anything, but the really bad love ballads you impulsively uploaded onto it after your last heartbreak.

I can already hear your lungs wheeze in protest.

In a panic to avoid the mental film reel of memories of your ex, you might haphazardly search through your pocket to find your phone. If only there was a simpler way to change your music.

Luckily, there is and it’s called the GoGlove – a wearable Bluetooth glove that can save you from publicly crying at your next gym session.

The gadget is the ingenious brainchild of Ben Harris, an avid skier who was tired of having to take off his gloves to fumble with his phone on the mountain. When Ben approached his cousin, Eric Ely, with the idea for the GoGlove, the two set out to create a versatile and practical gadget for athletes, music lovers and adventure seekers all around the world.

Essentially, the glove acts as a controller, which allows you to control the music playback features on your phone without having to stop and dig through your bag or pocket to find it. To use the device and trigger an action on your phone (change the song, play, pause, etc.), all you have to do is press the correct finger to your thumb – the sensors placed in your fingertips will do the rest. It is also entirely customizable and versatile. You can pick the control for each finger, use it with major music apps (Pandora, Spotify, Songza, etc.) and wear the glove as is or under another pair. Don’t worry, the GoGlove won’t lose functionality thanks to Ben and Eric’s patented AirTap technology.

With 12 days left to go on its Kickstarter campaign, the cousins are almost halfway there to reaching their $50,000 goal. An extra $50,000 in total funding will also help the duo develop the GoBand, a wristband that can be worn for warmer weather sports with the same functions as the GoGlove. The same control module will be used for both, which means you can easily and simply swap from one gadget to the other wherever you travel.

Support the growing trend now! Avoid an unfortunate situation where you’re stuck on a mountain, listening to the entire soundtrack of “The Titanic”.