Shark Travel Agencies Are Booking Cape Cod This Year

The lion of the sea, the great white shark, is on the rise. An event is taking place, more and more great white sharks are coming to town along the Atlantic. Sharks add thrill and beauty to any adventure. Despite popular belief, they don’t favor chomping down on humans for a midday snack. Still, for safety, adventure tourism involving sharks often also relies on a cage to keep a diver in the clear. There’s always the possibility of being bit, or worse, ending your adventure in the belly of a shark.

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Of all the places around the world, Cape Cod has become synonymous with the great white shark, all thanks to the movie, Jaws. The truth is that, despite the hype, sharks haven’t been super prevalent at the beach tourist hotspot. Cape Cod was averaging around 2 sightings a year. This year that number has skyrocketed to 20 sightings.

Why so many sharks all of a sudden? Has Shark Armageddon begun? No, at least I hope not, our ability to directly communicate with sharks isn’t as advanced as it is with whales so who’s to say, but I wouldn’t be concerned about an all out war with the sharks, or even one attacking you. The numbers have increased because, thanks to conservation efforts, there are more seals vacationing in Cape Cod, and the sharks are just chasing the food. Clearly the hot vacation spot that all the sharks are booking this year is the cape. So if humanity is brought to its knees by shark invaders, we can blame the environmentalists, but otherwise lets thank them for bringing some shark fun to our Cape Cod summer adventure.

Sharks are beautiful creatures; they are not to be feared. We cannot do to them what we did to the wolf. What we did to the wolf was kill way too many of them, which led to an overpopulation of those adorable but pestilent (and also delicious) deer, which led to mountain erosion from too many deer prancing about. Support the shark. Welcome it to your waters. Avoid being eaten as best you can, but appreciate it as the lion or bear is appreciated, from a safe distance or in protective cage.

Long live sharks, long may they reign.

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