Scotland’s 2014 XX Commonwealth Games is Here

You know those random adventure sports that only seem to surface during the summer and winter Olympic games? The sports like curling or speed ice-skating. Well they happen more often than you might think… in fact, they’re happening right now. Believe it or not, weight lifting, badminton, netball, shooting, swimming and boxing all have something in common, they’re part of the 2014 XX Commonwealth Games.

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Adventure Showreel 2013

Welcome to the 4th largest multi-sport event adventure the XX Commonwealth Games. Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle kicked off the opening ceremony adventure that was rich in Scottish culture including kilts, dancing, and of course a giant inflatable Loch Ness monster. Almost 5,000 athletes from over 71 different nations took a trip to Scotland to participate in 17 different sports. The XX Commonwealth Games feature a wide variety of events, everything from weightlifting to netball to rugby sevens to badminton. If you happen to be particularly good at shooting and weight lifting, there are 19 total events that you could medal in. Basically if you are active in any way, there is probably a competition fit just for you.

The XX Commonwealth Games adventure began back in 1930 and remains one of the largest multi-sporting event in the world. Australia has dominated the competition, winning the most medals 12 times, in second place comes England with 6. Over the years there have been many changes to the games, paraplegic competitions were recently included. The edition of paraplegic competitions made the games the first fully inclusive multi-sporting event, meaning that the medals won in their competitions count towards the full medal total.

It’s an event that features a large turnout; people from all around the world come to see some of the greatest athletes of their sport compete. It isn’t often that you get to see badminton in the same venue as rugby. I think the recent addition of paraplegic events that count towards the medal total is brilliant; there are no other competitions that are structured the same way. Grab a beer, post your feet up, relax and cheer for your country in this years XX Commonwealth Games.

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