Pelty is the Epitome of Sophistication in Sight and Sound

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The ambiance of darkness preluding the festivity. A quiet evening adventure into the small sources of illumination we can find to keep our game alive. It’s why we look to the stars and build campfires, we are always on an adventure to fight the darkness. Well now, the latest in the Bluetooth speaker trend will help in this struggle. It’s called Pelty, and it is here to bask those nearby with warmth through sight and sound.

A lit match roaring through the static of crickets and other nighttime critters, the hiccups of a wick bearing the weight of flame, and the building triumph of music slowly soldiering forward through for all who will have it. The adventure begins the moment you light a candle. This is all Pelty requires of you.

Pelty is a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by thermal energy, which it converts into the electric energy that it needs via the Peltier-effect (Pelty gets its name from Peltier, which in turn was the name of the French scientist, Jean Charles Athanase Peltier, who discovered the effect).

The inventor of the Pelty is Gianluca Gamba, and he’s all about being classy. His inspiration for the Pelty was that his own Bluetooth speaker just wasn’t classy enough for the very classy dinner party he was hosting. Those who know classy, know about illumination and warmth; it’s why monks and AARP poster models are always chilling in rooms filled with lit candles (because compared to everyone else around the world, they’re the classiest of classy).

The point of Pelty is to provide ambiance in a clean, neat, little package. A single candle, and some light jazz coming from the same source. It bleeds romantic. It’s made out of glass and ceramic instead of the usual plastic, and it honestly looks like a nice, fancy, modern candle. There’s a little bit of subtlety to the device, not sticking out as out of place like some other gizmos like it. It’s the perfect addition to any quaint evening adventure. Perhaps you’re enjoying dinner or a game of cards. Perhaps there’s been a power outage, but you want to keep jamming out to your tunes. Pelty has you covered.