Monterey Bay Gets Whaled by Whales and Anchovies Galore

Are you ready for a whale of an adventure? Wait a minute, what I meant to say was a whale adventure. There is a whale of an event (okay that’s the last lame whale pun, wouldn’t want to make you start whaling at me out of frustration) going on in Monterey Bay. Whales travel all around the world, and you can usually only enjoy their presence on a boating adventure, and that’s if you’re lucky.

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It’s all thanks to those adorable and tasty little anchovies. Whales must have a lot of pizzerias at the bottom of the ocean because they can’t seem to get enough of the classic salty treat. Of course the only people who I know that actually like anchovies are old men and whales look like old men so maybe that is the connection.

People enjoying a quiet stroll on the beach of Monterey Bay were treated to an unexpected adventure when hunchback whales started surfacing hardly 150 feet off shore. It is unprecedented that these glorious behemoths would purposefully endanger themselves by lunging about that close to the beach. Thus far, no whales have been beached. It seems that the anchovies’ strategy of stashing themselves away in shallower water has been in vain of the whales’ relentless pursuit.

Not all the whales around the world have followed the anchovies to Monterey Bay, but the few that have are enjoying the feast. It’s the same whales that are swimming about there day after day. Right near scenic San Francisco, this is quite the vacation for the big guys. I wouldn’t mind taking the same one myself: sun, fun, and all the anchovies I can eat (come to think of it, I’ve never even tried anchovies but my whale brothers have inspired me to try them; however, it may be a problem that I hate salty things, but I’m not going to let that stop me).

Who knows how long the whales will stick around the bay, but so long as there are anchovies to eat, they aren’t going anywhere anytime too soon. So get your whale action while you can, folks. Until you spot one, enjoy reading about them.

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