New Way of Shipping Powered By Backpackers

There is a new trend in the way items are shipped to you. Normally you would save yourself an annoying adventure to the store, and instead adventure online to do your shopping. When you find what you want on Amazon or eBay, you buy it and your item[s] take[s] an adventure as cargo in truck, train, plane, or boat, or any combination of them. Wherever you are around the world and wherever that item is shipped from would change what shipping and handling you paid. This is the way it’s been, and while companies may bend this a little by offering free shipping on certain orders, there has been no game changer, until now.

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The Passport Protector

Introducing a company called Backpack. What they do is simple. They ship things to you by carrier instead of cargo. (If we were talking about a package filled with illegal substance[s], the term camel would be more appropriate, but in the legitimate world these people are referred to as carriers, like the pigeon.) Having your own personal carrier handle your package sounds a ton more expensive at first. Let me explain, the carrier isn’t hired by Backpack for this specific task. The carrier is just a traveller who signed up to deliver the package because they were going that way anyway.

The benefit of this system isn’t for trying to get a better price than the Wal-Mart down the street is offering you. What this system is for is overseas shipping for finding hard to get or expensive items at a reasonable price.

Now, it may seem a little scary to meet some stranger from a strange country for them to deliver you your package, or even for them to have been handling it in the first place. That fear is perfectly reasonable, because while your regular deliveryman is also stranger, they are employed by somebody, trusted by somebody to do this job correctly. Still, I wouldn’t be concerned about any mal intent by the Backpack guy, after all, they are just a traveller trying to make their passion for travel just a little less expensive. Plus, you get to meet someone new, and that’s always an adventure.

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