Today is for Remembering your Rangers

Today, July 31st, is an easily overlooked but very important day, World Ranger Day. The event exists so that we may remember the rangers who have lost their lives or been injured in the line of duty. These brave men and women live adventure to the fullest, protecting our delicate world so that others may enjoy adventure after adventure themselves. The world can be a dark and mysterious place, and sometimes an adventure turns foul. Rangers from all around the world put their lives at risk because of what they believe, that this Earth of ours needs guardians.

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Sometimes rangers are hurt by the very things they’re protecting. The territory of a ranger can be treacherous in both landscape and weather. To name a few, they must surmount mountains, swamps, glaciers, and deserts; and they face such dangers as avalanches, monsoons, forrest fires, and blizzards.

They go where few other humans dare to, and the few that do are under their watchful eye the same as the land and the animals. Most of those people are good natured souls, a little kooky maybe, but all they want to do is enjoy the majesty of nature. Some of those people, however, are poachers and other evildoers, and these people pose an additional threat to the rangers.

Let’s not forget about the wild animals. Many of Mother Nature’s ferocious beasts are also endangered or near it, and while the rangers want nothing but safety and the best of things for them, the animals don’t always feel the same about the rangers.

There is no avoiding these dangers, only preparing for them. Still, I can’t help but feel rangers have been cast to the side as unsung heroes. Luckily organizations like “The Thin Green Line Foundation” and the “International Ranger Federation” have their back. So get out there and shake a ranger’s hand. Thank them for their service, for they do not only serve your town or your country, they provide service to the entire world, and it’s a dangerous world at that. The best thing you can do is to be a ranger in some small way yourself. I’m not telling you to endanger yourself, just to respect that protecting this world is your responsibility as well. You are a guardian of what is all around you.

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