Tune in For ClapwayTV’s Web Series: Havoc Adventure

4 guys. 2 teams. 10 challenges. This is Havoc Adventure: ClapwayTV’s newest mini-series.

Tune in for this epic event, as we pit two teams against each other to complete a set of senseless and moronic stunts designed to test each player’s level of brawn, fearlessness and insanity. The contestants will be split into 2 groups of 2 and will be responsible for devising specific contests for the opposing duo.

The rules? There are only 3:

  1. No damage to private property
  2. No significant damage to health
  3. No other people involved

Nothing else is off limits. Each day will bring a new challenge, personally delivered to every contestant in a nice little envelope. Players can choose to opt out of one, but they are aware that this comes with a certain degree of diminished pride. But with that being said, be prepared to laugh, cringe and exclaim, “ooh!” all at the same time.

Since this will be our very first series, we are very excited to feature it on our website. Havoc Adventure has been in the works for a while and is the result of intense brainstorming, hours spent drafting and persistent phone calling. The final product will be a ten-episode installment: this means each team will complete 5 specific challenges each, which will be filmed in various participating locations throughout New York City. Check back with ClapwayTV within the next coming weeks, for more updates about the show and about its impeding release. Make sure to also mark your calendars for the launch of our very first episode, which we hope to have up and running on our site by August 20th, 2014.

I know. I know…it’s hard for us to contain our excitement as well. To prepare, grab your best friends, a hefty bag of popcorn and a sturdy armrest (you might find yourself unconsciously digging your finger nails into it).

Don’t worry though, we can guarantee nothing illegal will happen. Still…you probably shouldn’t try any of our stunts at home (We warned you).

 Havoc Adventure - ClapwayTV
Photo Courtesy of Clapway.tv