On The Set Of ClapwayTV’s Web Series: Havoc Adventure

I had no idea what being on the set of Havoc Adventure was going to be like. I’m still not quite sure what I was witness to. It was certainly an adventure, but what kind? The day started normal enough, a few crazies coming together for the first time, drinking coffee, not talking too much out of those initial stranger jitters. It felt something like a blind date only like one for an orgy instead of two people trying to find the right person to build something special with. Of course, the quiet didn’t last. Adventure was calling our names, and we howled back.

I’ve worked as a PA (Production Assistant) before, so I had some experience with being on a film set, but nothing could prepare me for the cast of hooligans we managed to round up. Jahi, who has somehow mysteriously gone missing, was like a wild octopus flailing about, lashing this way and that to some incalculable inner techno rhythm. Zion was, as he puts it, a lion, pouncing forth, bearing his chest, and giving that unsuspecting Brooklyn neighborhood a good roar. Danny was slip sliding and waddling about be it by foot or skateboard like some kind of chillaxed penguin. Last but not least crazy by far, was Keith, smiling big like a bear eyeing honey. The whole lot of them hungry for fame and money, and I was just trying not to stand in anyone’s way.

I’m not saying I was scared of them. Actually, they are all some of the nicest fellows around the world that you can meet. They are polite and warm-hearted folks just like you and I, they just happen to also be eccentric psychopaths, who, when you put in front of a camera, let their freak flags fly high.

I’m not high ranking enough to know everything that’s happening on Havoc Adventure. From what I saw, you’re getting everything but the kitchen sink (doesn’t run anyway because nobody payed the water bill). There’s going to be some gross stuff that’ll make you cringe (I’m not saying there’s a puke scene, but I’m also not saying there isn’t one). There’s going to be hilarity from jokes and shame. For some reason, there have been a lot of eggs involved. And there will of course be action that always results in pain or glory.

I’m still not sure what kind of adventure I had on set, but all I can say is I’m equally hoping to not have to go back as well as itching to go back. Those guys are just fun to be around.

8-5-on set Havoc Adventure