Hawaii’s Sunshine Clouded by Oncoming Hurricane, People Prepare

A hurricane is gunning for Hawaii and if it hits, it’ll be the first one since 1992.

Hurricane Iselle has kept up its pace, remaining a category 1 hurricane instead of dying down as was predicted earlier, and will hit the island with winds upwards of 60mph and a rainfall of more than 5 inches but probably less than ten. All in all, it’s not an insane stampede of Mother Nature Hell, but it is something for locals and tourists alike to be concerned about.

As is the case with most disaster warnings, stores are swamped with people buying bottled water and other rations to sustain them in case the storm cuts them off from outside resources or help. Many tourists don’t like the prospect of a hurricane adventure either, and are ending their vacations early, rescheduling flights home. Very thoughtfully, Hawaiian Airlines isn’t tacking on the extra fee that is traditionally fined for doing so.

If Hurricane Iselle wasn’t enough, another hurricane, Hurricane Julio is also in the area. It is predicted to pass by Hawaii, but you never know with these hurricanes, they’re tricky, and it’s still too far away to be sure of its exact path in the vicinity of Hawaii.

Nature is impossible to predict. Everyday we are offered something amazing in nature, but occasionally we must bare something destructive from nature as well. It’s a shame that the beautiful state of Hawaii, whose capitol, Honolulu, was just awarded the healthiest city in America by the Huffington Post, must bare something as terrible as a hurricane, but I for one have hope. Hurricanes are tough, but this isn’t anybody’s first time in the pool. The people of Hawaii will overcome this backlash of nature.