The All Girls Slackline Festival Will Leave You Feeling Like a Ninja

The second annual US All Girls Slackline Festival (2014 AGSF) will kick off in a little over two weeks starting on Friday, August 29th, 2014 in Village Green Park, Sisters Oregon.

This 3-day event (August 29-31) promises to be a fun-filled adventure for women of all skill levels and aptitudes. Last year, ladies from all around the world traveled to Oregon in order to join the festivities. In the process, they built relationships, had incredible amounts of fun and most importantly, celebrated the sport of Slacklining.

But what exactly is Slacklining, you ask?

I’m glad you’re curious. Slacklining involves balancing yourself on nylon or polyester webbing that is tensioned between two anchor points (a bit like tightrope walking). It involves dynamic movements, including stretching and bouncing. Tricks and stunts can also be performed on the rope. While this sounds a little intimidating, take comfort in the fact that the tension of the line can be adjusted to suit the user. The All Girls Slackline Festival will also accommodate any person eager to learn. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner because there will be workshops specifically designed to cater to those who are willing to try.

The “Beginner Slacklining” course, for example, is targeted to those who have little to no slacklining experience. You will learn proper breathing techniques, develop a strong stance, improve your overall balance, and even learn how to take a few steps on the slackline. Once you’ve mastered this course (and if you’re feeling adventurous), you can try Tricklining, a form of slacklining that involves performing various tricks, such as walking backwards, running, jump turns and 180s.

I hope I didn’t scare you off there…

The ultimate goal of this festival is to create an army of advanced, super jumping ninjas…just kidding. However, it will empower women to participate in a sport that is typically dominated by men. So if you’re free the weekend of August 29th, why not travel to Oregon for an unforgettable adventure? The registration for the event is free and you will definitely leave feeling like you have superpowers.