It’s Mean, It’s Green, It’s the MPG Marathon 2014

If we wish to continue a life of adventure, not just for ourselves, but also for generations to come, than we need to up our game on how we use fuel. While saving the environment and reducing our dependency on oil around the world is important, we don’t have to be super serious about it, we can have an adventure to help push green technology. What adventure would that be? The MPG Marathon is what adventure. Here’s an event where car manufacturers and fleet operators (companies that use several vehicles for their services such as delivery trucks) compete to see who can go the furthest while using the least amount of fuel or energy.

The MPG Marathon will take place on the 8th and 9th of October this year. It’s a 360 mile route through the United Kingdom starting in Cotswolds and continuing on West through Brecon Beacons. The competition has several classes with several ways of gauging their performance in the “race.”

This year, electric vehicles (EVs) are joining in on the fun. Since they don’t use any fuel like the hybrid cars do, they will be judged on energy consumption, 13 pence per kilowatt hour (pence means the sum of money being used, and any competition where you measure the winner based on the money they’re burning is awesome in my book). EVs will have to plan their route carefully to make best use of the charging stations along the route, but that’s a big part of the competition for having the most fuel efficient vehicle doesn’t guarantee victory, it’s also a lot about the best driving techniques and preparation to get the most efficient performance.

Referencing, it looks like the first half of the course will be pretty barren except for a great deal of charging stations in Cheltenham, while the Breton Beacons has plenty of spread out stations for racers to have their pick of.

Hybrid cars will be judged on any fuel that their car uses when the conventional engine has to carry the weight of the battery. Vans will also be competing, which is a great way to get fleet operators involved, and demonstrates the spirit of the event that fuel efficiency isn’t just some trend for people who want to save a quick buck on their commute to work, but can make a difference in major industry.

Additionally, all vehicles will have Big Brother watching over them, as all of them will have GPS tracking so judges know how far they traveled.

Last year, Nick Chapman and Rosemary Homer won the main event and will be competing again, but who knows who will win this year.