3 Lucky Winners Will Spend the Night at IKEA this Sunday

Sleepovers aren’t usually an adventure worth writing about. They’re typically not an adventure at all, unless they’re the sneaking-out-all-night kind (oh, teenagehood)– but a sleepover at IKEA a.k.a. heaven a.k.a. light of my life, fire of my loins? Now that’s an adventure we know you’d love to read about, because, well, who wouldn’t?

The Swedish furniture company recently teamed up with Airbnb to offer three, fortunate contestants the opportunity to spend the night of Sunday, August 31st at its Temple, New South Wales store in Australia. If you haven’t already clicked out of here to sign up, entries for the contest have unfortunately already closed. We feel your pain. So much.

The entries required participants to first sign up with Airbnb and then describe their family and why they should win in 25 words or less. Hopeful contenders were also allowed to choose what room listing they preferred to sleep in out of three different visual layouts, each highlighting a different, but equally fashionable style of home décor. The first room, Modern Elegance, showcases chic minimalism with hues of white, beige, and gray and a private indoor-‘outdoor’ courtyard. The second, Inner City Living, is a large 55-sqm two-bedroom apartment that emulates a sophisticated urban home through use of bold and graphic designs and clean, white lines. Rounding off the trio is the cottage-inspired Rustic Charm chamber, a cabin-like space with a huge emphasis on natural fabrics and lovely antique accents. All three spaces accommodate four, so that each winner is able to bring three other family members or guests with them. Now would be the time to call your Australian friend(s?), or travel to Australia and make some.

IKEA is not charging guests for the night, but an 11-dollar (Australian currency) Airbnb fee does apply. Once night turns to day, the winners will be woken by IKEA representatives with an electrifying surprise. We’d want some Swedish meatballs, but that’s just us. If all goes well, Airbnb plans to bring to the event to IKEAs all around the world. By staying, you also agree to be Australian media stars for a couple of days. We reckon it’s worth it.