Survive the Zombie Apocalypse With This Bad Boy

Zombie - Clapway

If you were forced to live in the Kiravan for the rest of your life, you just might welcome that fact with open arms. The pimped out vehicle, which can easily be mistaken for a spacecraft or a Transformer, is the brainchild of Applied Minds, LLC, an American company that provides technology and R&D services to firms.

Pulling from the technology used on the MaxiMog (designed for planetary exploration), the Kiravan was initially intended for scientific research and large-scale expeditions. As such, it comes with some unique technologies specifically for remote exploration, navigation, mapping, still, film and video production, archaeological survey work and trip documentation.

Zombie - Clapway

But if you’re not a geologist, archaeologist, or any type of -ologist, the caravan also has everything you need in the event of a zombie apocalypse. After all, the vehicle can store food and water for weeks and comes complete with a first-aid kit containing a patient monitor, an ultrasound, an automated defibrillator, and over the counter prescription drugs.

The badass automobile was inspired, in part, by the birth of the designers’ daughter, Kira, whose safety and needs were considered during the design process. Thus, the final product weighs 51,700lbs, measures 52’ and is specifically optimized for on- and off-roading. For those of you who also crave a little speed, you’re in luck. The Kiravan comes with its very own turbo-diesel motorcycle, called the KiraBike (what?!).

But wait…there’s more. Its fuel tanks are heated for extreme cold/bio-fuel use and the entire ventilation system – with independent humidification and dehumidification – allows the interior of the vehicle to maintain a comfortable temperature even when its scorching hot outside (temperatures up to +130°F) or below freezing (-30°). Lastly, in the event you ever need them, the Kiravan has multiple masts – the tallest one of which stands at 58ft above ground level.

So, if you’re the type of person that frequently forgets where you parked, no worries. I doubt you’ll lose this bad boy even at the most crowded parking lots.

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