STERNA To Design An Affordable, Compact Airplane

“Design the car which will not be just a commodity for the rich people, make it so cheap that
every family can have it.”

– Henry Ford

STERNA’s vision in the 21st century is not so different than the Henry Ford’s philosophy in the early 20th century. The family company, composed of experts in Aeronautics and engineering, wants to create an affordable, high-tech aircraft for everyone to fly. For adventure seekers and avid travelers alike, this might be the greatest thing to hit the market since sliced bread.

In the late eighties, STERNA’s principal aeronautical engineer, Mr. Ivan Dundjerski, worked extensively in the aviation industry with leading aircraft manufacturers, such as AIRBUS and the UTVA aviation factory. By dedicating his life to airplanes and their production, Ivan quickly gained more insight with every new experience. His mission today, along with the rest of the team at STERNA, is to transfer his knowledge of large aircrafts and apply it to the Very Light Aircraft industry to develop a plane that is safe, powerful, and most importantly, cheap.

The result is the STERNA VLA, a compact aircraft designed for sport flying and basic pilot training. It offers state of the art technology and quality for a fraction of the price (3 to 4x lower) of other similar planes in the same category. With its simple construction and overall low costs, the STERNA VLA – with a few modifications – can be used for a host of reasons, from emergency aid to search and rescue operations and even forest fire prevention.

Specifically, for this project, STERNA is currently working together with a group of qualified engineers and experienced pilots with strong backgrounds in design, manufacturing, and maintenance in the aeronautical industry. The basic model of the plane has been already completed and is currently being tested. With further assessments and the support of avid flyers and fans, STERNA will soon be able to release this bad boy out to the general public.

You can find us waiting impatiently until then.

To support STERNA’s project, check on their ongoing Indiegogo campaign, here.