Nature Will Survive; Humans Are Not So Lucky

In light of the expansive spread of the technological age, an increased emphasis has been placed on the importance of ecological conservation. In 2006, for example, Davis Guggenheim’s Academy Award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, provided us with a glimpse into global warming’s deadly progress by shedding light on former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental awareness campaign.

Yet, up until now, each “green” initiative has been predictable in its strategy. Most are focused on imploring people to treat the environment better solely for the sake of nature. Conservation International (CI)’s new campaign, however, features a series of mini movies, that stomp on that misconception. In reality, “Nature doesn’t need people.” In fact, we are the ones that need it.

Reasonably speaking, the world has been around for billions of years. Humans on the other hand, are a fairly recently species. Thus, whether you believe in greenhouse effect or not, the fact is, nature can readjust to any circumstance – even if we are wiped on the face of the planet. Humans are not so adaptable. After all, we have a history of exploiting the resources Mother Nature so generously supplies.

By joining forces with A-list celebrities, Conservation International’s “Nature is Speaking” campaign is determined to “rebrand” the conservation debate, highlighting the reasons why people should treat nature better. In each mini movie, a part of the world’s abused ecosystem is brought to life with a celebrity voiceover. Julia Roberts plays Mother Nature; Kevin Spacey, the Rainforest, Edward Norton the soil, Penelope Cruz, water, and Robert Redford the Redwood. Harrison Ford, who serves as the Conservation International’s vice chair, also fittingly plays the role of the ocean.

His ominous voice reminds us that the ocean doesn’t owe us anything: “I give, they take. But I can always take back. I covered this entire planet once and I could always cover it again.” Thus, nature will survive. Nature will evolve.

The next question to ask then is this: will it be with or without us?

For more information on the project and to watch the thought provoking short films, check out Nature Is Speaking.