SKECHERS Skech-Air Shoe | Gear Review

I’ve never been much of a runner, but having the right shoes definitely helps out. Last year, I received SKECHER’s Skech-Air shoe as a birthday gift and I still can’t believe I’m not walking on a cloud every time I slip them on.

Okay, okay…so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but these shoes really do feel damn good. The lace-up sneakers – available for both men and women – are made of dual mesh fabric so they are breathable at the same time they are light (weighing approximately 8oz. per shoe in women’s size 7). They also have this unique bottom sole with translucent air pockets that gives your step a little added pep. It is made out of durable, thick rubber, which provides good traction and stability.

But enough with the little details. These shoes are great simply because of its Memory Foam insoles. That’s right. If you’ve never experienced the amazingness that is memory foam, just imagine two tiny Serta mattresses hugging your feet. The padded collar and tongue of the shoe, along with its 26 air pillow pockets and shock absorbing midsole layer, make these sneakers some of the most comfortable shoes on the market – really a must have for any runner.

They retail for $75.00, which is a little pricey for me, but your feet will eventually come to thank you for the investment, especially if you’re constantly on your feet. The design of the shoe isn’t bad either. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort, but Skechers truly hits a home run with these bad boys. The sneakers come in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to find a fitting pair. I’ve used them for basketball, for the gym, while running 3 miles – and so far, they have served me loyally.

My only complaint? Unfortunately, the memory foam flattens and depresses overtime. Thus, you eventually get used to the sensation and they begin to feel like any old pair of sneakers. But hey, what product doesn’t wear over time?