Myontec’s Mbody Coach | Gear Review

Myontec Inc. presents sportswear that can talk. Better yet, coach.

Myontec Mbody (sky high retail price: $499) is a unique sportswear item that boasts wireless muscle-load tracking technology on shorts – yes, shorts – through an app with real-time audio coaching. The device monitors your muscle load, balance and ratio, heart rate, and cadence in order to provide you with data that aids you in living a healthier lifestyle by better understanding your body.

“Myontec Mbody is the first product to utilize this technology in real-time sports performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport,” its Kickstarter states. “Our technology is validated by scientific articles, tested and proven by universities and high level training centers, and is used by professional athletes and top level sports organizations from around the world.”

Originally offered to professionals, the intelligent gear is widening its market, thus now being offered to everyone.

“I have used Mbody product in a few different ways, it has been used to look into efficiencies in biking, it helps rehabilitation to look at the engagement to muscles in the different movements in the different stages. I think the Mbody product fits and will fit very well with many fitness programs and athlete programs in the future” RedBull’s Per Lundstam vouched for the company.

So, how does it work? Let’s break it down.

The Mbody Coach technology provides its users with coaching guidelines delivered straight to their ears. Information is gathered from “bio signals” given off by the body and includes: analyzed muscle performance, overload warnings, problem detection warning, and training instructions among more.

Its pre-exercise setup features personalization, training zone analysis, and lactate threshold level, while its real-time/audio coaching offers athletes details like: warm-up, efficiency, technique, fatigue, recovery, and problem detection. Afterward, users can gauge just how well they did via the technology’s post-exercise analysis, which involves: exercise review and replay, exercise comparison, follow-up and progression analysis, and social sharing. In other words, there are a lot of details in this little gadget.

What’s more, Mbody also uses movements to provide a completely detailed outline of muscle load, muscle balance, distribution, heart rate, cadence, speed, calories, and route.

So, basically how it works is that it does essentially everything a coach would do. Except, you know, scream at you when you’re grabbing that chocolate frosted donut. Or two.

Visit Mbody’s Kickstarter to help fund the campaign by Friday, November 7.