Fidelis Tool: Sublimity in Simplicity

There’s sublimity in simplicity. That goes for writing, cooking, and even camping. The Fidelis Tool, inspired by the Marine Corps motto ‘Semper Fidelis’ or ‘always loyal,’ forfeits design for pure efficiency. The device is a scraper, bottle opener, belt cutter, wire stripper, multiple hex wrenches, can opener, nail puller, key chain, saw blade and ruler all in one.

The simple rectangular design of the all-in-one tool is almost genius. It’s flat and truly compact unlike the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife, which makes the wearer look a bit like a tool.

Although the Fidelis Tool is promoted as being versatile, its different functions describe a specific user. This is someone who needs to strip wires, pull rusty nails and scrape some gunk off of machinery. The eternal tinkerer, with her own little shed and workstation out in the backyard. A guy backpacking through the Appalachians with just a hammock, backpack and the little Fidelis tool to make sure everything stays in action. For everyday life, the Fidelis tool provides a bottle opener, can opener and ruler, and at $25 it won’t break the bank. The true potential of the Fidelis Tool, however, won’t be truly tested until you test yourself, either by trying new projects with its little wire strippers and hex wrenches or going into the great outdoors with the saw blade and belt cutter.

The users probably reflect the makers. Scrolling through the fundraising campaign, I was slowly becoming more aware of its simplicity. The biggest evidence was the lack of video – there were no awkward hosts or shots of women running around using the tool in every day life. Just a photo of the Fidelis tool artfully angled with the logo in the upper right corner. The description doesn’t wax poetic on the inventors and their dream of making the world a better place by disrupting the tool space – just a few lines on the different functions and accompanying photos. In fact, the inventors aren’t mentioned at all. It’s all about the product.

The only guise of emotion comes at the end of the project when it thanks the reader and says, “Have faith in the Fidelis tool, and you won’t be disappointed.”