Crevasse Day Backpack | Gear Review

Let’s just put the obvious out there: The North Face Crevasse Backpack ($99.00) isn’t for extreme, nine-month-long adventures. No—it was made for slower paced, compact day activities like gallivanting through Rome, or even a leisure hike on the Appalachian Trail. And though it was technically created for that market, it still doesn’t fully measure up.

The 18″ x 12.25″ x 5″ daypack is crafted with a waxed nylon canvas body fabric that’s efficiently water repellent, securing adventurers of their belongings no matter the forecast. For hints of style, the pack boasts vintage suede trims and diamond bike-light loops, while two external zip pockets offer immense character and ample organization. Its straps comfortably sit on shoulders as well, making it ideal for bike strolls.

“Just when you thought ‘they don’t make them like that anymore,’ our new and improved version of the classic daypack steps onto the scene,” the brand states. “Combining a vintage-inspired design with modern, hyper-durable nylon this pack can withstand the roughest of rides and features a dedicated 15″ laptop compartment and tablet sleeve to protect your electronic gear.”

And while all that looks and sounds good, when put to the test, the backpack ultimately lacks. The design fails to include a bottle holder on either of its sides, forcing users to make room on the inside, which as we all may know, can be a complete hassle. What if the drink spills? Or what if there’s just not enough room?

Speaking of room, it seems there’s indeed just not enough. And for $99.00 there should be. The laptop compartment does not accommodate users to stash other things inside—it’s roomy, but not spacious, and if you have a costly laptop inside already, maybe jamming something else in isn’t the smartest idea.

Crevasse Day Backpack | Gear Review  - Clapway

“It has a cool look about it, but if you’re not a student, I don’t know if this is the best backpack to buy,” said Anna, who spoke to us after returning from her trip to the Canadian Rockies. “I brought it with me for my week out there and it survived, but I had to carry an additional bag a lot of the time. I had to prioritize what items I needed to bring with me each day.”

In short: The Crevasse is a smart purchase for students and a big, fat no for travelers and adventurers of any kind, even those that gallivant through Rome and take a leisurely hike on the Appalachian Trail.