Laser Cat Debuts In Williamsburg | Event Review

Laser Cat is the brainchild of Dave Glass and Kill Cooper, the dynamic duo behind a lot of “cool sh*t.” For starters, they run Hungry Castle – the creative studio that specializes in creating public art and fashion. But you might also recognize some of their other works. After all, who can forget Lionel Ritchie’s huge inflatable head that has toured around various music festivals?

According to Cooper, it’s “pure art.” That’s probably why they’ve decided to take it one step further by creating the digital art sensation known as Laser Cat. For those of you who haven’t heard, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a giant cat head that shoots lasers out of its eyes – all in the name of art.

Artists are invited to submit their pieces online, which are then “fed to the cat” and blasted into the night sky for viewers to see. I had the opportunity to attend the event last night in Williamsburg, and left a bit confused, but definitely intrigued.

Presented by ADC, the first global organization that celebrates and award leaders in creative communications, Laser Cat is essentially a public art party. It is outdoors, open to all and free! The venue – located in what seemed like an abandoned parking lot – was much smaller than I expected it to be. However, the neighborhood was perfect to host such an event. You could come and go as you please, and there were a few perks: free beer, my friends.

Laser Cat Debuts In Williamsburg | Event Review  - Clapway
The actual event wasn’t too wild. Based on the Laser Cat website, I expected craziness – lots of loud music, lights and people. On the contrary, there was jazz music, a few lights and a light crowd. The artwork was also projected on a wall, and not into the sky. This was highly disappointing for me, but I suspect that I perhaps didn’t stay long enough to be able to see the climax of the event.

However, for a free show, this was definitely an interesting way to spend my Thursday night. The idea in of itself is ingenious, and invites people from all walks of life to appreciate artwork. Somehow, the strange culmination of lasers and cats just works, and as such, the show celebrates creativity and imagination.