The ClickStick Will Leave You Feeling Fresh

Here’s one area of personal care that hasn’t made any advancements since the 50’s: the application of deodorant. Luckily for us, Gilad and Carla have found a way to make deodorant “more fun and effective.” The two masterminds have joined forces to create the ClickStick: the world’s first smart (and eco-friendly) deodorant.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “smart” isn’t usually the term used to described a deodorizer, but with the advent of the technological age, you’ve should’ve seen this ingenious idea coming. Frustrated with conventional deodorants, and the amount of plastic waste that it produces, Gilad and Carla set out to create a product that would revamp personal care like never before.

The ClickStick Will Leave You Feeling Fresh  - ClapwayPhoto Courtesy of Kickstarter

But what makes the ClickStick so unique?

Well for starters, it has several features. With a simple click of a button, for example, the ClickStick will dispense a precise amount of deodorant every time: no more skin irritations, no more stains, no more sticky armpits when your over apply, and smelly armpits when you under apply.

The ClickStick is also eco-friendly, saving up to 30%-90% of plastic waste! The personalized applicator, which comes in different colors and is decked out with a LED light, is refillable. A mobile application lets users order refills anytime they begin to run low. It can also optimize your deodorant experience by calculating the exact amount you need based on personal habits, daily activity and physical attributes. It even reminds you to apply – just in case, you know…you ever forget.

The innovative idea is so practical, you begin to wonder why no one thought of it in the first place. At this time, ClickStick is a fully functional prototype, but Gilad and Carla need support to bring the product out on the market as soon as possible. Thus far, they have amassed $425.00 over their Kickstarter goal of $55,000. With eight days left to go the campaign, the ClickStick is well on its way to becoming the next fad in personal care. All of us gym goers, excessive sweat-ers and eager adventurers, thank Carla and Gilad in advance.

To check out the ClickStick and support its campaign, check out its Kickstarter here.