Multiuse Kong Scarab Helmet | Gear Review

Who said helmets can’t be cool? Well, if I’m being honest, I once did – but like seasons often do, my mind has changed. And it’s all thanks to the Kong Scarab helmet.

The Kong Scarab helmet ($150) is an all-in-one favorite that’s marked as a staple for athletes around the world. Its multiuse nature sets it apart from other products on the market as its functional for climbing, cycling, skateboarding, boating, and even horeseriding. This unique aspect of it makes it an essential – one that protects your noggin and saves you money.

Once the helmet is on, users just have to press the button of the rear wheel to widen or narrow the skullcap, and lower or raise the button to improve the set. The side straps are adjusted by sliding the buckle, while the chin strap must always be fastened in order for the product to do its job.

The Kong’s vents and ducts favor the circulation of air, and is even equipped with a sun visor to block out pesky sun beams that blur your vision. What’s more, the diverse helmet features loops to attach a headlamp, so that adventuring at night is as safe as it is illuminated.

Peter Locke, a New York City cyclist, said, “The loops were really helpful when it came to bicycling at night. I’m usually a little nervous when it comes to hitting the roads after dusk in some of the not as lit burroughs, but I felt much more relaxed, and was able to see a lot more, with a light attached to my helmet.”

However, the helmet does have its low marks: The helmet is not the lightest in the market, which can cause a bit of strain and uncomfort on its users. In addition, it’s apparently also not the best fitting, according to Susan Xu.

“Sure it can be used for a number of different things, but it’s really difficult to get it to properly fit,” said Xu, who bought the Kong in hopes of hiking nearby mountains in Upstate New York. “You can try to adjust it as much as you can, but it’s really way more difficult than the site makes it seem.”

“But maybe it’s just the shape of my head,” she added, tossing back in laughter.