The X PlusOne Aerial Camera Drone Takes Kickstarter By Storm

A new gadget has recently taken Kickstarter by storm. The X PlusOne Aerial Camera Drone, with an ultimate goal of $50,000 to be pledged, has already surpassed the amount with a whopping $42,000 – bringing the total amount of money raised to $92,000 from over 200 supporters.

This isn’t one of your everyday remote controlled helicopter toys. This high-tech “quadcopter” has the unique ability of obtaining fast speeds, without compromising the precision of its hovering capabilities.

Keeping filming in mind, the X PlusOne drone has incredible stability, allowing you to take quality videos of fast moving objects, as well as impeccable still shots – all from above. Reaching speeds up to 60 mph, this drone has no problems keeping up. It is considered the ultimate GoPro accessory – simply attach your GoPro camera and you’re ready for action.

The tech-savvy drone has control algorithms that were specially designed so its stability wouldn’t be affected by harsh winds. This is a huge plus for those who enjoy recording footage with a camera attached to a drone – say goodbye to shaky videos.

Another plus is that this drone is easy to fly. For anyone who knows how to fly and RC airplane or multi-rotor craft would have no trouble with the X PlusOne. The drone has two flying modes: hover and forward flight. To change from one or the other, simply flip a switch. The computer within the drone manages all other details. Flight is controlled by the variation in motor speed. This allows the drone to change its pitch, roll and yaw. In addition, there are no conventional flight control exteriors on the X PlusOne, and this keeps the design clean and efficient.

The dimensions of the X PlusOne are reported to be 32.5 × 19 × 14 inches, with a weight of approximately 2.8 lbs. Though it sounds impractical to transport, the machinery comes apart, making it perfect for traveling. With the easily portable drone, anyone at any location will be able to record awesome footage for work, vacation, or just pure fun.

For more information on details, prices and specifications about the X PlusOne Aerial Camera Drone, visit their Kickstarter.