NEMO Sleeping Bags Are For The Coldest Of Temperatures

Although not an often trend for most, sleeping outside is a task that usually occurs when camping or taking a trip into the wilderness. Even with the luxury of a nice tent, it is still necessary to have a comfortable sleeping bag for a proper nights rest. There are many sleeping bags out there, but few offer everything you’ll need for a safe and comfortable trip.

NEMO sleeping bags are made of the highest quality materials and offer their users a comfortable nights sleep in the coldest weather conditions. There are three different sleeping bag categories, based on the temperatures they can withstand.

-40–0: The most durable bag, made for temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees.
0–30: The most practical bag, made for average cold temperatures.
40+: The standard sleeping bag, made for moderate cold temperatures.

NEMO offers a wide variety of sleeping bag options. However, their best bag has to be the CANON™ -40 Down Sleeping Bag. As mentioned, this bag offers protection from cold weather temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees, making it a staple for every outdoor adventurer.

Along with its warmth, this sleeping bag is as convenient as it is comfortable. Its  design covers users up to the bottom of their chin, while its unique arm slot feature gives users the ability to conveniently slip their arms in and out of the bag with ease. This feature is great for late night activities such as reading, eating, or even using some sort of mobile electronic device. In addition, the Thermo Gills, allow the bag to vent out body heat at the core without allowing cold air back into the bag.

“When we started this company 10 years ago, we had a vision of integrating overnight gear into one seamless sleep system,” the brand states. “Beginning with tents, pads, and pillows, we established our own equation for performance. Not just fast and light. But durable, comfortable, and a pleasure to use.”

This bag may not be a necessity for everyday use as it’s specific to frigid temperatures, however it is an awesome product that can be beneficial for more than just cold weather. It can be used for emergency situations like power loss during the winter, camping outside, or even the occasional trip to Antarctica – you never know!