Best Drone For Capturing Those Impossible Moments | Gear Review

Drones have been a long awaited and brutally criticized form of technology, which have improved rapidly within the past few years. These interesting, yet potentially dangerous devices have gained in popularity with both consumers and the media. Although they may not be the most sought after invention, drones certainly provide users with a valuable tool, capable of making many things easier.

Contrary to popular belief, drones aren’t just a pre-apocalyptic form of technology that takes us one step closer to life in The Terminator. If used appropriately, they can drastically advance mankind for the better. That is the dilemma with all forms of technology—if they’re used only for good, we can achieve much better results and continue to push the human race forward. Drones, in particular, are extremely useful for sightseeing and video production, but should not be used for spying and other invasive purposes.

SYMA, has certainly taken the average drone to its next evolutionary stage with the X5C Explorer. This interesting little device offers users a unique visual experience, giving them the opportunity to capture sights from impossible angles they would otherwise not be able to. All X5C Explorers come stock with a 6 Axis GYRO Direction Stabilizer, making its operation a simple task, even for  less tech savvy people.

The X5C Explorer also features a 360-degree Eversion mechanism, which allows the craft to roll in a complete circle for more efficient maneuverability. Furthermore, it comes stock with HD camera equipment, permitting users to capture some memorable moments through both picture and video. However, aside from all of the technological aspects, one of the best features is the blade protector, which not only shields the blades from being damaged, but also provides additional safety for use in public places. This device also features colorful flashing lights, which help users keep track of the flying craft at night, and warn bystanders of its presence.

The downside is that this particular drone is very light. Although this might make flying easy, it also causes poor camera quality during moderate winds and other normal weather conditions. However, this problem could easily be solved by substituting another high quality camera in certain situations.

The SYMA X5C Explorer is easy to charge, comes with a very user-friendly remote control with a nice LCD display, and a lengthy frequency range. The X5C Explorer is more than just a toy to be played with, but rather a tool to explore with. Use all drones responsibly.

For more information about the SYMA X5C Explorer, click here.