Coastline Cattle House Of North Shore Maui

Winter in Hawai’i is nothing to compared to everywhere else in the world, but it is one of the best surfing seasons. Raised in Maui, Hawai’i by a popular surfer of his time, I have been exposed to some gnarly swells. Ever since I was a kid, it was sort of a tradition to go to this cattle house, overlooking the northern side of the island to watch the intense winter sets roll in. I know what you are thinking, “ Why would anyone go to a cattle house?” Yes, it is a typical cattle house, cows and all – well, sometimes.

This place has sort of uniqueness to it. Rather than being a shelter for a herd of cows, this tiny brick structure is a chameleon of murals. Every month, sometimes every week, the exterior of this cattle house displays a different image. Overnight, it can transform into a whole new visage.

Now, the changing appearance isn’t the only aspect about the place, although it adds to the whole magic of it. The calming atmosphere is surprising due to the busy highway adjacent to the pasture, but it is a place that rids you of any worries. Maybe it is the sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the sea mist or the caressing breeze, either way this coastline cattle house is a popular place for locals.

Away from the coconut obsessed tourists and a busy, stressful reality, this curbside pasture is unexpectedly secluded. And that, to me, is the whole beauty of it. Despite the ever so often change in the surface of the cattle house, its surroundings remain relatively untouched. Growing up in the Rainbow State, I have seen cane fields transform into suburbs and dirt roads paved. The tropical paradise that has been sold in travel guides has succumbed to urbanization.

Maui has always been my favorite island, not just because I grew up there, but also because it has managed to maintain a balance between being built up and remaining picturesque. This past visit to Maui has brought me back to this remarkable place. The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny with a cool breeze, and I had amazing company. All the stresses of 2014 seemed to just wash away with the waves. It was a great way for me to end my vacation and an even better way to start the New Year.